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Technology has been capturing a large share of the world and has been affecting everyone’s lives. And all this while there has been a brand that earned constant appreciation from consumers all around the world- Hewlett Packard, or as it is famously renowned- HP.

HP has been conquering the tech world for quite some time, which ultimately led to acquiring first place in the list of all the best tech-integrated companies. There are a ton of product lines that the company introduced under its name such as printers, computers (desktops and laptops), scanners, fax machines, and many others including a bunch of software to help you with your devices.

123 Hp Laserjet Pro M127fn

When we looked into the brand, one particular product offered by it seemed to have a huge fan-following and has never, in its lifetime, seen a decline in the growth- the HP Printers. And thus, here, in this read, we decided on discussing one of the many printer models- HP LaserJet Pro M127fn.

This is one of the several printers that the brand designed to run on both wired and wireless connections by using the laser to complete the print jobs sent to it. Well, this is not the limit, multiple other qualities compelled us to choose this printer model for an “at length” discussion.

Reading on, you wouldn’t just get to know about the printer, but also what comes with it, what are the steps to install its hardware, what are the places that can help you with getting the correct printer drivers including 123 HP LaserJet Pro M127fn, what are the steps to complete the installation of its software for further use, and maybe more.

Associated traits to make it the best printer choice

Here, in this part of the exclusive read, we’ll be walking you through the features or let’s say the characteristics of the HP LaserJet Pro M127fn printer that doesn’t just makes it functions, but also, makes it the number one choice for users:

  • With the best and most advanced technical features, it comes at a highly reasonable and affordable price.
  • Print, fax, copy, and scan are the four exclusive jobs that the printer is equipped to take care of.
  • For managing a customized print experience, users get access to a very efficient control panel on the printer.
  • Increasing the print speed can be done with the help of an efficient 35-page feeder, which is automatic.
  • Choose the size, color/back&white, compression, and the like, for all your prints.
  • Connect to your reliable Internet network or the Ethernet cable to create a bridge for sending print jobs.
  • The printer input tray is designed for 150 pages at once along with the monthly duty cycle of 250 to 2000 print pages.
  • The printer comes with a readily available 1-year warranty duration that the users can benefit from.
  • There are special LaserJet papers that have been highly recommended for a better print experience however, plain print papers work just as fine.
  • Users would also be able to enjoy a newly developed feature- “AirPrint” which can be used to send print jobs to the device from anywhere they are (post the “123 HP LaserJet Pro M127fn” setup).

Hardware items included with the printer package

Here, we’ll be walking you through the list of hardware items that you’d get with the printer as and when you decide in its favor and go on to purchasing it:

  • The printer- HP LaserJet Pro M127fn
  • The HP LaserJet Black Cartridge (it’ll be pre-installed)
  • The complete installation guide
  • The “Getting Started” guide
  • The Support Flyer
  • A Disc with printer drivers and software for documentation
  • Software CD (necessary ones)
  • Power cable/s

Get to know the pre-requisites of the setup procedure

As you can understand, here, in this part of the read, we’ll be telling you all about the pre-requisites that you’d have to keep in mind before you can go on to the hardware and the software setup on the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M127fn website:

  • Ensure that the available network connection is reliable
  • Make sure that you have enough power sources available
  • Prepare the input paper tray with compatible papers
  • Be certain that the ink cartridges are put in place
  • Keep in mind that no plastic packaging should be left undone
  • For better assistance, keep the included guides handy

Go on to complete the installation of the printer hardware

Before we can go on to share the steps for the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M127fn software setup, we must tell you about the hardware setup or hardware installation:

  1. Unpack the printer carton, get it out, and unwrap the packaging materials.
  2. It is imperative that all the included equipment gets out of its packaging.
  3. Take the power cable/s and plug it into the wall socket along with the printer.
  4. Turn the printer on and follow the instruction on the “Getting Started” guide.
  5. Make sure you install the ink cartridge as instructed in the guide or manual.
  6. Place the input paper tray and align it with the compatible papers.
  7. Go on to follow the steps in the nest section and be done with the setup.

Note: As HP looks at integrating the best tech features it also focuses a great deal on preserving nature, which led to the brand making all of its packaging material recyclable.

Stroll down the steps for 123 HP LaserJet Pro M127fn setup

If we are being clear, you might have noticed that the printer setup process began as soon as you received the printer hardware and set it up. Now, it is time for you to know the explicit steps for setting up the printer software, or to be precise, setting up the required printer drivers:

  1. Once everything has been unpacked and plugged in, turn the printer on.
  2. Go to the device you’d use for sending print jobs in the future.
  3. Use the selected device and head to the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M127fn website.
  4. Complete the prompts to get the printer drivers and download them.
  5. While downloading keep an eye on the location and head there to extract the files.
  6. Post-extraction, go on to run those files and be done with the installation.
  7. Once, everything’s done, go on to send a test job for the printer.

Where can you get the drivers for the printer?

There are three particular places that users can head to for acquiring the required printer drivers and we have created this small section to help you with knowing them:

  • First is the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M127fn website
  • The HP Easy Start application software
  • The HP Smart App


The detailed read above has been specifically focused on one of the printer models by HP that has managed to acquire a significant amount of user base- HP LaserJet Pro M127fn. Reading through the above information piece, you now, have a clear understanding of all the characteristics that HP built into the printer model, the items that come along with the printer hardware, the pre-requisites for both hardware and software setup, the steps to both hardware and software setup steps, and more.

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