Glance at the 123 Hp Laserjet Pro M132a Printer at Length

So, we are going to help you with exploring one of the best options you can go for to satisfy your printer needs. That’s right, this read has been exclusively focused on introducing you to the leading tech brand along with one of its many printers that we think would cater to all your printing requirements.

First, let us tell you a little about HP- it is an exclusively innovative and versatile brand of the 21st century that caters to the technical needs of society. What makes it special are the numerous features that the company keeps adding with each update based on the newest technical advancements.

123 HP LaserJet Pro M132A

It offers printers, desktops, laptops, fax machines, copiers, and a ton of other hardware as well software products that drip of the tech evolution evidence. Thus, it cannot be denied that HP is the most reliable brand when it comes to tech-savvy products (both hardware and software)

Now, the printers have managed to acquire a huge user base, which then, led HP to become the best and after our careful screening, so we finally, decided to familiarize you with the LaserJet Pro printer- M132A.

And adding to the read, you’ll find the list of features you’d experience with the printer followed by the items you’d receive with the hardware package, the steps you’d have to undergo to install the hardware, the pre-requisites of the software installation steps, and last but not the least, the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M132A setup procedure.

Get an idea of the HP LJ Pro M132A printer journey

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be walking you through a small list of features that we believe would help you learn a little bit more about the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M132A printer model:

  • Built-in standard memory is 128 MB
  • Compatible with Apple AirPrint to send print jobs from wherever
  • The input capacity at a time is up to 150 sheets
  • The output capacity for the paper tray is up to 100 sheets
  • There is just one print cartridge (use toner or imaging drum)
  • It uses laser technology to complete received print jobs
  • It provides imaging solution services- printing, scanning and copying
  • Users get a whole year under the warranty duration (1-year warranty)

What comes in the LJ Pro M132A hardware package?

This part of the read has exclusively, been prepared to share the list of items that come included with the HP LJ Pro M132A printer hardware:

  • The HP LJ Pro M132A printer
  • The toner cartridge for HP LaserJet
  • The HP LJ imaging drum
  • Power Cable, USB cord
  • A Set Up Poster
  • “Getting Started” guide
  • CD/disc with software and other printer documentation
  • The Support Flyer

How can you get the printer hardware installed?

As you can understand by the given subject line, here, in this part of the read, we’ll be walking you through the steps of installing the hardware for the very exclusive M132A printer before we can take you through the steps of software installation on the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M132A website:

  1. The first thing you should do is unwrap the printer and all other included items.
  2. Make sure every hardware item is unpacked and is ready to be set up.
  3. Place the wires or cables at the correct plugin ports and put the paper tray in.
  4. Place compatible print papers and align the introductory ink cartridge/s.
  5. Now, all you have to do is complete the software installation.

What are the pre-requisites for software installation steps?

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be walking you through a few requirements that are deemed necessary by the brand for going through the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M132A software setup:

  • All the included cables need to be plugged in correctly.
  • The printer and the linked device need to be powered up for this.
  • The printing tray needs to be prepared with only compatible sheets.
  • The in-use printer hardware needs to be set up inside the network range.
  • On the official website for the HP product, register for an account.

Steps that is mandatory for installing the printer software

Every printer by HP is unique, and each one of them has different features to make it stand out just like that there are different printer drivers for each of the HP printer model that needs installing before you can use it for printing.

This part of the read has been exclusively prepared to help you undergo the software installation procedure so that you can acquire the necessary printer drivers and move on to enjoy your print experience:

  1. Initiate the process by turning your printer and the linked device on.
  2. Make sure that the same network is connected to both the devices.
  3. Go on to visit the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M132A website.
  4. Submit the printer model name and number to look for printer drivers.
  5. On finding them, go on to get or download them from the listed results.
  6. Keep in mind that it is important to know the location of the downloads.
  7. Once, the downloading is complete, you will have to extract the files.
  8. Then, move forth to running the extracted files for installation.
  9. As the installation of the drivers is complete, add the printer to the device.
  10. Head to sending a test print job to the HP LJ Pro M132A printer.


The detailed read above begins with introducing you to the world of technology along with the globally leading brand in the tech-device industry- Hewlett Packard LaserJet or HP. Then, you got to know about the exclusive printers that the brand offers along with our decision to discuss HP LJ Pro M132A.

Then you learned about the features that make your printing journey worthwhile, the list of hardware equipment that comes along with the printer after you purchase it, and the steps to set up the printer hardware for further installation.

Reading on, you learned about the exclusively laid down pre-requisites that need to be considered for the installation of the printer software at the 123 HP LaserJet Pro M132A setup website. In simple words, the read above is a detailed guide to what you’ll get with the printer model, followed by what you’d have to do to experience it at its best.

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