How to Fix HP Printer Error Code E2?

If you have landed on this page, then most probably you are facing an HP printer e2 error while printing from your printer. Well, this error may show up in different situations while you try to print a single page or multiple pages at the same time. So, in this article, we shall be showing you the complete details about getting rid of this error. Apart from this, we shall also have a look at the most common reasons that might be leading to this error.

How to Fix Hp Printer Error Code E2

What is the HP printer e2 error?

In case this is the first time that you are seeing this error on your HP printer, then you might be interested to know what it is and what is the reason behind it. Well, this error code may appear on your screen due to incorrect printer settings. Not just incorrect settings, but incorrect cartridges, outdated printer drivers, or any hardware-related issue would lead to this error.

What causes HP DeskJet 2700 e2 error?

Among different reasons, the e2 error code HP printer mainly takes place when you try to print one or more pages from your HP printer and the settings of the page(s) do not match the papers you have fed in the printer’s input tray.

Apart from this, as we have mentioned above, the HP smart tank 515 e2 error may also be caused when you have not installed the printer driver updates, you have not verified the printer settings, or there is a problem with the ink cartridges. Therefore, in the section below, we shall be guiding you on how to fix HP 415 error e2 by performing some basic troubleshooting procedures.

Learning how to fix e2 error in HP printer

To get rid of this annoying error, you need to perform some basic troubleshooting steps so that you can resume your printing task:

  • Verify and correct your printer settings

Since the HP 4100 e2 error code usually takes place due to the incorrect printer settings, therefore, you need to make sure that the settings of your HP printer are as per the paper you have fed. Apart from this, you also need to make sure that you have changed the settings for the correct printer model or not.

  • Update the printer drivers

If it has been a long time since you have installed the printer drivers and you have not installed any printer driver updates as well, then you can go to HP printer’s official website. From here, you can choose your printer model from the given options and then go ahead with installing the printer driver updates.

  • Cancel the print job

If the HP printer e2 error is not getting resolved easily and constantly showing up on your screen, then what you can do is cancel the ongoing print job. For this, you just need to press the “Cancel” button and then go ahead with verifying and rectifying the necessary settings.

How do you fix HP deskjet 2700 e1 error?

The paper mismatch error on an HP printer is not hard to resolve. All you need to do is change the printer settings and make sure that they match the paper you have fed into your printer. Else, take your printer out of the error state by following this procedure:

  1. While your printer is on, remove the connected power cords
  2. After this, just wait for 60 seconds or so
  3. And, then reconnect the power cords back to their position
  4. Now, you can power on your printer to check if the error is fixed
  5. The same steps can be applied to fix the e2 error on HP DeskJet 2600 series printer.


  • How do I fix the E2 error?

If you are seeing an e2 error on your HP printer again and again, then the best thing you can do to fix it is clear the print job. For this, you need to press the “Cancel” button while the print job is stuck. Apart from this, you can also change the paper settings of your HP printer by navigating to its settings menu.

  • How do I clear the error code on my HP printer?

If you see an error code on your HP printer which you are not sure about, then you can perform some basic troubleshooting remedies in order to get the error fixed. First of all, you can just ensure that the paper tray, ink cartridges, and printer drivers are installed correctly. Else, you can also reset your printer.

  • What does E2 error mean?

If you are seeing an e2 error on your HP printer, then it means there is some paper-related issue happening with your printer. According to experts, the issue arises when the paper settings you have selected for printing the current document do not match that of the paper you have loaded in the input tray.

  • What is the E2 error in HP Smart tank 515 printer? 

While you try to print single or multiple pages from your HP printer and you have selected the paper length that does not match the paper you have fed in the paper tray. To fix it, just cancel the print job, verify the printer settings of changing the loaded papers.


Through this article, we have tried to fix one of the HP printer error codes by performing some basic troubleshooting resolutions. No matter which model of HP printer you are having, the same solutions can be applied to fix the e2 error HP DeskJet 2600 or any other printer model. In case the basic troubleshooting guidelines do not help you, then you should contact one of the HP support members and get help from them. Make sure that you describe your problem in length so that the correct solution could be found. Else, the last thing you can do is uninstall and reinstall HP printer drivers to get rid of the HP printer e2 error.

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