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So the technical era has begun and our lives have changed drastically. We’ve been integrating technology into our lives for a very long time now and we think it is safe to say that a large part of the population doesn’t know how to operate without it.

And that’s okay because change is a part of our lives and it adapting to it simply makes everything facile. Speaking of technologies, we can think of at least one brand that has acquired a lot of appreciation due to the technical changes it has been installing in all of the products they manufacture.

HP OfficeJet 4652

That exclusive brand is HP or as it was formerly known, Hewlett Packard. You can say that it caters to a ton of technical requirements with each tech integration that come along with the advancements launched from time to time.

It ideates, designs and manufactures computers (desktops, laptops), fax machines, scanners, printers and so many more including the software services aimed at helping users experience increased utility. One of the most renowned and frequently bought products of the brand is the HP printer.

A large portion of the company’s revenue is drawn from its’ sale of printers and it helped a lot in shaping its global reputation. So, we chose a particular printer model to give you an overall experience of being a part of the HP family.

We’d especially, be focusing on the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4652 website that has been exclusively created for helping you with the software setup of the printer model. Also, in order to make the read more extensive and informative, we’ve included data that familiarizes you with the feature of the HP OfficeJet 4652 printer, the hardware setup steps, the prerequisite of the software setup steps and so much more.

What traits make HP OJ 4652 printer so special?

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be walking you through the list of features associated with the exclusive OfficeJet 4652 printer by HP:

General traits

  • It offers users to complete printing, faxing, scanning, and copying jobs.
  • It is compatible with Duplex printing and maintains high optical output.

Design Traits

  • It allows black & white and color print jobs to be carried forward.
  • It contains a document feeder with a capacity of up to 35 pages.

Display Traits

  • The printer has been designed with a touchscreen display control panel.

Connectivity Traits

  • The printer is designed with Wi-Fi (along with the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4652 setup procedure) and USB connectivity features.

Technical Properties

  • The color technology that the printer uses is InkJet (using ink to print).

Print Properties

  • Users get to send color print jobs and automatic duplexing.
  • The printing speed for color prints is 16 ppm.
  • The printing speed for black and white prints is 20 ppm.

Copying Properties

  • The maximum speed for copying jobs after the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4652 setup process is noted to be 7 pages every minute.

Paper Handling Traits

  • The supported paper types are A4, A5, A6, and B5.
  • The paper tray capacity has been noted to be 100 pages at once.

Learn the steps for setting up the printer hardware

This small section of the read has been prepped to help you with installing your printer hardware so that you can go on to the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4652 procedure to download the required drivers and complete the software setup later to get optimal print results:

  1. Open the printer hardware package, and set them alongside carefully.
  2. Go on to remove the packaging material of the printer hardware and included items.
  3. Now, read the setup guide or user manual included in the package.
  4. Plugin the power cables and the USB Cable (if required) in place and turn the printer on.
  5. Continue to install the ink cartridges and fill up the paper tray with supporting papers.
  6. Head to get the drivers and then move on to completing the ink cartridge installation.
  7. Make sure you follow each instruction put down in the user manual.

What do you need to go on to software setup?

As you can understand from the subject line, this part of the read will help you get prepared for the software setup that is deemed necessary in order to get your 123.Hp.Com/OJ4652 printer ready to perform and complete print jobs sent to it from other devices:

  • Make sure that all the hardware items in the printer package have been used as per the user manual.
  • Check the Internet network you are on and make sure that the printer is placed within its range.
  • Ensure a reliable power source as electricity hindrances might reduce the procedure efficiency.
  • The printer drivers may be large files, see to it that you have enough space on the device you chose for connection.
  • Recheck the paper tray and ink cartridge alignment before you begin the easy but crucial setup procedure.

Get to know the steps involved in setting up the software

Well, it is finally time for us to help you with the steps of setting up the printer software to make the wireless printing experience more efficient and get the best print results. So, go on to follow `the steps that we’ve enlisted to help you with exactly that:

  1. Begin by ensuring that your printer and the device you’d want to use has been turned on.
  2. Next, launch a web browser from the device to be linked and get into the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4652 website.
  3. Look for the required and compatible printer drivers by entering the model name of the printer.
  4. Once you find them, go on to download them and do not forget to see the location of the files.
  5. Post downloading, you need to go to the file location, and extract them for further functioning.
  6. Run the extracted files and follow the onscreen prompts to wrap up the installation of the drivers.
  7. Now, move to the printer settings on the device and ensure adding your HP OfficeJet 4652 printer.

Note: As and when it’s done, move to send print jobs to the printer (use the device) for testing the efficiency.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to familiarize you with the exclusive HP OfficeJet 4652 printer by sharing the premium features associated with it. You also come across small sections that tell you all about the hardware setup, and the prerequisites of the software setup.

Moving on, you learned the explicit steps that you would have to undergo to perform and complete the software setup for OJ 4652 printers at the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4652 website, which was ideated, designed, and introduced specifically for the purpose.

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