123.Hp.Com/OJ4650: Driver Installation and Wireless Setup Guide

In this era, the demand for wireless printers has increased so far. Wireless printers let you perform your printing tasks more conveniently. You can easily connect a wireless printer to the WiFi network and print documents wirelessly. But to do so, you must know the way to set up a new printer to your computer wirelessly. HP OJ4650 Printers are all-in-one printers that let you perform multi-functions such as printing, copying, faxing, and scanning. You can use an OJ4650 Printer in your office or home as they come with compact designs. Users who have bought a new HP OfficeJet printer have come to the right page as today we are talking about the setup process of the 123.Hp.Com/setup printer.

HP OJ4650

The complete wireless setup process of a new HP OJ4650 Printer is easy and quick. All you need to do is, remove the packaging from the printer and collect the CD, manual, cables, and cartridges to proceed with the wireless setup process. If you have connected your printer to an AC power supply, jump to the next sections to start the HP OJ4650 wireless setup process.

Guidelines to Download HP OJ4650 Printer Driver

Drivers are an integral part of the printers as they let you establish the connection between your printer and computer. You are also suggested to keep the driver software up to date. Installing the latest version of the printer driver is the best way to set up the wireless connection on your Windows or Mac. You can also use the auto-updating feature to keep the driver software up to date. Now, approach the next sections to download the HP Printer driver on your computer.

Tips to Download 123 HP OJ4650 Driver Windows

  • To download the HP OJ4650 printer driver on your Windows desktop or PC, you need to go to the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4650 webpage. Validate the driver files that you are downloading are of the latest version or not.
  • You can also use the driver installation CD to download the supported printer driver on your Windows computer. But before that, affirm the setup files are of the latest version or not.

Tips to Download 123 HP OJ4650 Driver Mac

  • HP OJ4650 Printer drivers can be downloaded on your Mac desktop or PC by visiting the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4650 setup page. Whenever you are asked, provide the model number of your HP Printer to get the full feature supported driver setup file on your device.
  • Users who have the driver installation CD can easily extract the .exe driver setup file. To use the CD, your Mac must have the disk drive features.

The Process to Install 123 HP OJ4650 Printer Drivers

Getting the driver .exe setup file and installing it on your Mac or Windows computer is an essential task. In case you are not sure about the HP OJ4650 driver installation process then you can do so with the help of the processes that we have mentioned in the next sections.

Way to Install 123 HP OJ4650 Driver Windows

If you have a Windows device, go through the steps mentioned below to download and install the latest version of the HP OfficeJet Pro 4650 Printer:

  1. Open the browser and visit the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4650 page
  2. Or take the CD and insert t your Windows disk drive
  3. On the HP Support page, click on the ‘Drivers and Downloads’ option
  4. Now, you need to provide the details of your HP Printer model
  5. Click the ‘Search’ button to find the full feature driver .exe setup file
  6. Now, you need to select the ‘Download’ option to start the downloading
  7. Wait until the file is being downloaded and then double-click on it
  8. Now, the installation wizard will be opened on your computer’s screen
  9. Keep following the next prompts to finish the driver installation process
  10. Now, you need to get to the ‘Finish’ button and click on it

Way to Install 123 HP OJ4650 Driver Mac

The HP Printer users who are looking for a way to install the HP OJ4650 Printer driver on their Mac need to go through the steps that are given below:

  1. Open a web browser on your Mac and head to the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4650 page
  2. Now, you need to head to the ‘Search’ box and type your printer’s model
  3. Then, find and click on the ‘Enter’ button to find the driver setup file
  4. Now, click the ‘Download’ option next to the full feature HP OJ4650 driver file
  5. Wait for a while and let the driver setup file be downloaded on your Mac
  6. Once it is done, locate the setup file on your Mac and then double click on it
  7. Now, choose the ‘Run as Administrator’ option to run the installation wizard
  8. On your screen, when prompted, agree to the HP Printers terms of use
  9. Now, if promoted, provide the name of your country and then keep going with the next prompts
  10. To end the installation, find and click on the ‘Finish Setup’ button

The Procedure For 123 HP OJ4650 Wireless Setup

Once you finish the driver installation process, you are ready to connect your printer to the wireless network. Ensure that your router is working and your printer is fully functional. Check whether you have installed cartridges or not. Now, you can easily connect your Windows or Mac with the help of the next sections.

Steps For 123 HP OJ4650 Wireless Setup Windows

  1. Using the power button of the printer, turn it on and allow it to scan. Now, you can find the list of available network connections.
  2. Detect the network SSID of your Wifi network and provide the password details to connect your printer. Ensure that your desktop/PC is connected to the same network.
  3. Using your computer, go to the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4650 webpage to download the driver software. Provide the model details of your printer and click the ‘Download’ button.
  4. Once you finish downloading process, launch the installation wizard to proceed with the installation process.
  5. After installing the driver software, make sure to set your printer as default to start printing wirelessly.
  6. Now, your HP OJ4650 Printer will be connected to the wireless network. To confirm that take a print test using your Windows computer.

Steps For 123 HP OJ4650 Wireless Setup Mac

  1. Check that your HP OJ4650 Printer is connected to the computer. You should connect your printer and computer to the same wireless network.
  2. Now, search and identify your network and then proceed to establish the connection between your printer and router. If asked, provide the correct password details of your router.
  3. On your Mac, download the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4650 software from the link mentioned on the site. Make sure to choose the OS type of your device when prompted.
  4. After downloading the setup file, proceed to the driver installation process using the on-screen prompts on your Mac.
  5. Now, go to the ‘Devices and printers’ section on your Mac and then follow the path to add the printer to your Mac. If asked, provide the WPS PIN details to connect the printer securely.
  6. After adding the printer to Mac, your HP OJ4650 will be ready to use wirelessly. Now, place the papers in the main tray and take a print test to confirm the process.


In short, HP OfficeJet Pro 4650 Printers comes with wireless setup wizard features that you need to go through the wireless setup process. Your computer can be used to set up HP Printer driver and print documents wirelessly. If you have a new HP OJPro 4650 printer at your home or office then you can easily connect it to your Windows or Mac by installing the driver software on it. To do so, you may need to connect your computer and printer to the same Wi-Fi network. You can also set up inkjet services on your HP OJ4650 printer by visiting the inkjet/HP.com webpage. We are sure that you have learned about the 123.Hp.Com/OJ4650 setup process with the help of this post.

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